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I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about maturity. I wish I had an elephant’s memory so I could remember it exactly, but the basic gist was that maturity is found by knowing yourself. It is not gained by the amount of knowledge your brain can hold, or being above the influence, or being a nice person. Maturity finds its standing when you find yourself.

Finding yourself is hard. You have to look, and no one likes to look for things. We all played hide and seek, but who plays it now? No one our age. It’s monotonous and bland and there’s no killing or blowing up or making out involved. At least, for most people.

Yet nonetheless, to find ourselves we have to look. And we have to look hard. And we cannot allow ourselves to succumb to the little feelings that say, “you’ve done fine. Go drink some cranberry juice now,” because you haven’t done fine and if you are still hearing that then you haven’t found yourself yet. If someone is still trying to stop you, it means you haven’t succeeded.

Learn to look for yourself. Learn to find yourself. And then, learn to be yourself.

Then you’ll be all grown up.


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—Marcel Marceau